Game Squad is a crossover let's play show featuring both Normal Boots and Hidden Block members. The show is edited and hosted by Jeff (SpaceHamster). The other hosts are PeanutButterGamer, Jared, and Brutalmoose. In the fourth episode, Caddicarus joined to crew, being portrayed as the 'villain'. This was the first time that Normal Boots and Hidden Block had a show that split between the two networks.

The show

Game Squad only featured four episodes, all of them about Cube World. The first three episodes has the four main hosts messing around in the world hoping not to die. In the fourth and final episode, Caddicarus joins the squad, planning on being the villain of the series.

Unfortunately, at this time, Jeff was assigned the role of being the editor of PeanutButterGamer's gaming channel, and the show had to be cancelled.

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