Full Name
Jim Caddick
Date of Birth
June 19, 1994

Jim Caddick aka Caddicarus, is a YouTuber and a member of Hidden Block. Unlike the other Normal Boots and Hidden Block members, Caddy is from the UK, and therefore it is very rare for him to see the other members in person. He started YouTube in November 2011. He started Caddicarus on May 9th 2012.


The Caddicarus Show

The Caddicarus Show is the name of Caddicarus' main show in which he reviews games and makes Top 10/20 lists. His first episode was him reviewing a game called Rascal Racers. Jim has also collaborated with various other YouTubers, for example brutalmoose, Yungtown, and The Completionist.

Caddy's Retrospectives

In Caddy's Retrospectives Jim reviews numerous games in a singular franchise over the span of a few weeks. Among the franchises he has reviewed are Gex, Sly Cooper, Max Payne, Uncharted, and Crash Bandicoot. He has stopped making this show.

Current Quickies

Current Quickies is a similar concept to the Drive Thru Review, except Caddy talks very quickly throughout the video (and takes a deep breath between each point). He has stopped making this show.

Drive Thru Review

Drive Thru Review is a fast paced, short review on a newly released game. They were initially only released on his second channel, although they were moved to his current channel. He has stopped making this show.

Easter Egg Hunting

This is a series that Jim makes exclusively for the channel Did You Know Gaming?. In this series he finds every single Easter Egg in a video game, from start to finish.

Caddy's Film Fridays

In this series, Jim either gives his thoughts on recently released movies or asks his girlfriend's daughters questions regarding a certain topic relating to films or media in one way or another. He releases these videos on fridays.


  • Caddicarus applied to join Normalboots when they were still recruting (using his rascal racers review as a source). He wasn't able to join though.
  • Caddicarus is the only member of Hidden Block that is from the UK.
  • Caddicarus is born on UK's Fathers day.

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