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General Edit

JonTron, the character portrayed by Jon Jafari

As he appears in his video game reviews, is accompanied by his "pet" robo-parakeet Jacques, and sometimes other guests such as the members of the Continue? web series. His demeanor is generally not taken seriously, a stark opposite to his violent and fearful bird companion, who apparently threatens Jon on a regular basis in order to keep him from becoming lazy and continue uploading more videos.

He resides with his girlfriend and her dog, neither of which are ever seen or mentioned in any of JonTron's reviews or adventures, in California.

Lastly he uploads a video every decade or so. Although the time it is well worth the wait.

Personality Edit

Jon is usually known to be sporadic and irrational in terms of his reactions, which adds to his charm amongst fans. He is the most parodied member of NormalBoots, with hundreds of fan spinoffs and YTP videos depicting episodes from his channel. His relationship with Jacques is somewhat blurred. Jontron is also lovely and a beautiful soul.

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