The Continue? Show is a webshow created in April 20, 2011. The concept of the show is a kind of Let's Play show with a catch. Rather than just playing through a game, they play a game for one episode, and decide whether or not they should continue playing it.


The hosts of Continue? are Nick Murphy, Paul Ritchey, Dom Moschitti and Josh Henderson. 
Hey! We're 'Continue?' - Get To Know Us06:15

Hey! We're 'Continue?' - Get To Know Us

Paul Ritchey occasionally helps out with JonTron, occasionally editing and writing segments for the show. The entire Continue? team have also appeared in several JonTron episodes. 

Nick Murphy is a Video Producer for 93.3WMMR's Preston & Steve Show outside of Normal Boots. 

Jon was so impressed at how good Continue? was that in order to help it get more views, he made several cross-over appearances with the Continue? team, and added them into the Normal Boots crew in 2011 and 2012.

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