Full Name
Wallid Kanaan
Date of Birth
September 17, 1993

Wallid Kanaan (aka BalrogTheMaster, or Balrog) is a YouTuber and Hidden Block member. Balrog started posting his content on YouTube, and moved his content to Hidden Block in 2013. Balrog is the founder of Hidden Block, and asked the other members if they wanted to join it.


Balrog's (Nintendo) Game Room

Balrog's Game Room, formerly Balrog's Nintendo Game Room, is a game review show in which Balrog critiques and reviews games. BGR uses a unique ranking system, which is as follows:

  • = Great!
  • Check + = Good
  • Check - = OK
  • X = Awful

Previously, in BNGR, the scoring system was:

  • Check + = Awesome!
  • Check = Good.
  • Check - = Meh . . .
  • = Awful!

The show was shortened to Balrog's Game Room as Wallid wanted to cover more games outside of Nintendo games.

Direct Review

Direct Review is a shorter review show in which Balrog skims the surface of some of the more modern games of today in a more concise manner to his BGR reviews.

Addicted To...

This is a series in which Balrog reviews and discusses games which he, as the title suggests, is addicted to. This series tends to be more focused on lighter video games such as Picross, or even some smartphone games.

Thoughts On...

In this series Balrog tells us his thoughts on more general aspects of video games, albeit in great detail. For example, he has previously talked about whether or not the New 3DS is worth upgrading for, and what he thought about Splatoon's controversial release system.

Nintendo 101

Nintendo 101 was a series of videos in which Balrog looked over the history of a video game franchise. 101 was more of a personal, retrospective view of a game that Balrog grew-up with, but he also reviewed the games the same he would any other.

In November 2014, Balrog rebranded his entire channel, cutting all ties with his old videos to create new and better shows. This meant discontinuing the Nintendo 101 series.

Power Review

Power Review was another short review show, like the current Direct Reviews. It, along with BNGR and Nintendo 101, were discontinued when Balrog decided to rebrand his channel.


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